Chef Adelfo Francisco is a veteran of some of the most exacting kitchens in Los Angeles. Cooking for over twenty years in highly-regarded restaurants, including Wolfgang Puck's Spago and Joachim Spilchal's Patina Chef Adelfo brings to Casa Chocolate not only masterful gastronomic abilities and the highest standards of quality, but a passion for great food that feeds the heart, as well as the palate.

A native of Oaxaca, Mexico, Chef Adelfo began his career inspired by the freshest produce and ingredients from local farmers. Working in high-end restaurants there, he developed deep-rooted locavore instincts that he brought to Los Angeles in the 1980s. With few contacts in LA, he basically had to begin his career again, working in lower level kitchen positions while eagerly learning what California farms and purveyors had to offer, and creating delicious dishes with the day's fresh crop.

In 1997, Chef Ed Kasky at Engine Co. 28, a classic American grill, recognized Chef Adelfo's passion and talent Chef Kasky took him under his wing and offered him the Line Chef position. There he had the chance to test his wings with managing the crew and creating new dishes for the menu at the bustling downtown eatery.

After a couple years at Engine Co, Chef Adelfo was hired simultaneously at Spago and Patina. By day, he'd

cook for the entertainment industry crowd who power-lunched at Spago and at night, he executed elegant dinners at Patina. Under Puck's and Spilchal's tutelage, Chef Adelfo bather refined expertise in New American, French and Italian cuisines, California fine dining and creative presentation.

In 2003, Chef Adelfo was ready to run his own kitchen and sought an opportunity in a more intimate kitchen where he felt the love and passion for the food produced was evident on each and every plate. Ile landed at Dusty's, a popular bistro in Silverlake, where both an ethnically diverse crowd and laid-back community coexist. At Dusty's, he was able to create new dishes and put his own spin on French. Italian and American classics.

In 2007, Chef Adelfo's former Patina co-worker Sean Bates was getting ready to take over Larchmont Grill. Sean and his partner Mark were acquiring a restaurant that had received unfavorable reviews and knew a huge revamp was in order. Having followed Chef Adelfo's career and enjoying his food over the years — Sean offered him the kitchen at Casa chocolate.

With his experience in a variety of cuisines and kitchens, and the passion for freshness and local ingredients, Chef Adelfo has brought fine dining into a new realm at La Elegant in style with a casual approach; he infuses new flavor profiles and global influences to American classics and changes menus frequently to showcase seasonal fare.

Creating an approachable, familial kitchen atmosphere is something in which Chef Adelfo enjoys.

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